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1. Pregunta con dificultad media alta en la prueba

Competencia: Coherencia textual

Componente: Organización de párrafos


Karen is studying English at a school in London. She lives with an English family, the Browns. She writes her friend David a letter to tell him about them. Let’s read the first paragraph.

1. but it isn’t easy to understand them!

2. Mr. and Mrs. Brown have three children.

3. My new address is at the top of the letter. I’m with an English family, the Browns.

4. Thomas is fourteen, Catherine is twelve, and Andrew is seven. They are very friendly,

A. 3, 4, 2, 1

B. 4, 2, 3, 1

C. 3, 2, 4, 1

D. 4, 3, 2, 1

2. Competencia: Competencia textual

Componente: Textos incompletos1


Patrick and Pauline Peters got married six months ago and they are already famous for their fights. Mrs. White, who lives opposite, says: First I asked them nicely to stop fighting because my baby couldn’t get to sleep, but they didn’t. Then my husband knocked at their door and told them to stop. They threw a chair at him. (3) ________________, we decided to call the police. Mr. and Mrs. Peters admitted to the police that they had been arguing. However, they denied having thrown the chair.

A. Therefore

B. In this respect

C. In the same way

D. Besides

A. Por lo tanto B. A este respecto C. De la misma forma D. Además

Competencia: Competencia textual

Componente: Comprensión de textos2


En esta parte de la prueba se formulan varias preguntas a partir de un texto. Usted debe leer cuidadosamente el texto y elegir la opción que responda correctamente cada pregunta.


A tramp was sleeping on a park bench late at night. A man and woman went past. One of them tapped him on the shoulder and asked, “Excuse me! What’s the time?”. The tramp was very annoyed at being woken up. “I don’t know!”, he said angrily. “I don’t have a watch”. And he went back to sleep. Some time later another man who was passing by, woke the tramp up and said, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I wonder if you could tell me what time it is”. Again the tramp said that he didn’t know. By now he was very irritated so he got a pen and a piece of paper and wrote “I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE TIME IS” on it, and went back to sleep. Half an hour later, a policeman went by. He read the sign, woke the tramp up and said: “It’s 2:30, sir”.

The underlined word it refers to:

A. the watch.

B. the park bench.

C. the piece of paper.

D. the pen.

4. Pregunta con dificultad alta en la prueba (Pregunta más difícil

en toda la prueba)

Competencia: Competencia textual

Componente: Textos incompletos3


El enunciado de estas preguntas es un texto con espacios en blanco numerados. Cada número corresponde a una pregunta. Usted debe leer detenidamente el texto y escoger, en cada pregunta, la opción que complete el texto correctamente.

Is the Internet a hobby or an addiction for you? You may have a

problem if you have these symptoms:

• You do not go to important family events (3) _______ you do

not do school projects because you like to spend hours on

the Internet.

• You can’t wait for your next online session.

• You are determined to spend a brief time online, but then

you spend several hours.

A. or

B. and

C. so

D. then

5. En este componente se presentan tres preguntas a partir de un texto.

Competencia: Competencia textual

Componente: Comprensión de textos4



At the entrance of one of the ruined temples of Petra, in Jordan, there is an inscription written into the soft red rock. It looks as if it has been there for centuries. But closer inspection reveals that it is not so ancient after all. It reads: “Shane and Wendy from Sidney were here. April 16th, 1996”. A recent report has just concluded that “the ruins are in great danger of being destroyed by the unstoppable march of tourism”. More than 4,000 tourists a day tramp through Petra’s rocky tombs. They wear the soft red sandstone away and (occasionally) scratch their names into the rock.

The underlined word It refers to:

A. The entrance of the ruined temples of Petra.

B. The inscription carved into the rock.

C. The red rock of Petra’s temple.

D. The ancient city of Jordan.